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Accountants Association participating in the European Economic Forum UAE

Published at 10/01/2017

Participated accountants and auditors UAE accounts Society in the European Forum of the UAE, came the post Assembly within the constant desire to participate in the activities of the European Emirati Economic Forum for its unique platform for discussions and exchange of information, expertise and experience, and includes a representative of the Assembly Salem Isa’ee Chief Executive Officer of Abu Dhabi.
Salim said Isa’ee in his statement that the bilateral relations between the UAE and Europe is growing consistently, especially on trade and economic level in the light of that enjoyed by the two sides of the opportunities, industrial and commercial, investment and possibilities are promising, as well as the two countries linked with a number of economic agreements that have contributed to the provision of adequate to pay for the size of the floor economic and trade cooperation to a more advanced and promote the expansion of markets, the presence of investors two levels.