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Mansouri honors leading institutions within the initiative «Emiratis in financial auditing profession» «Accountability» enhance the confidence of financial markets and business

Published at 18/02/2017

Capacity Development

Al Mansouri stressed that the Ministry of Economy is keen to support and care for Emirati initiative in the accounting profession launched Accountants and Auditors Association for her upcoming role in the national innovation index to measure the presence of Emiratis in the profession, and the formation of the nucleus can build on them to develop the human capacity citizenship with the qualifications and expertise of a global high-level management and the development of accounting financial and audit commensurate with the increasing importance in supporting growth and financial development in the state.

He told His Excellency that the number of auditors accredited citizens of the state amounted to 499 auditors, representing 60% of the total number of auditors registered in the state until the end of 2015, and expressed the hope that this initiative contributes and other efforts to support resettlement within this sector in achieving a significant increase in this figure the coming years, pointing out that these efforts are in achieving the national agenda aimed at lifting working citizens proportion of the total workforce in the country to 8% in the private sector to at least 5% by 2021 indicators.

Financial Strength

And shed Saif Mohammed Bin Abed Al Muhairi, Chairman of the Board of Accountants and Auditors of light assembly on the initiative, saying that it comes a translation of the vision of our wise leadership in supporting human development and activation of the role of Emirati human element in all aspects of the state and the national economy, and represents a continuation of the strategy of Assembly for the advancement of the profession of accounting, auditing and management Finance, which has several positive effects on the process of economic development and increased financial strength and competitiveness enjoyed by the state.

He explained Salem Isa'ee, Secretary General of the Association of Accountants and Auditors, that the launch of the UAE's initiative in the profession of accounting, auditing and financial management but aims to incorporation professional platform enables the provision of information and exchange of experiences and success stories in the profession, and adds a new dimension to the resettlement efforts there, and honors personalities in support of the profession and bodies in various economic sectors across the four major categories in addition to the personality of the year award.

For his part, Basil Muhammad Farooq Nadeem, chairman of financial services; consultancy arm of the Association of Accountants and Auditors said that the Council works tireless to support the Assembly's efforts in promoting the profession of accounting and auditing across give it a real role in the financial services, risk management and financial strategies.

Nadim and pointed out that one of the most important pillars of the initiative is to develop the index «Emiratis in the profession», which now includes measuring the number of UAE nationals working in the profession in a company, and the extent of the contribution of Emirati women in, and the total number of human resources has in the profession, and will be developed to include axes quality consistent with the nature of the profession, the index companies and institutions working in several targeted sectors of the economy, notably accounting and financial services, industry, banking, insurance, real estate, hotels, education, transport and others.

person of the Year

And His Excellency Engineer Sultan Al Mansouri, honored the winners of the lead, kicking off honored Riad Abdul Rahman Al Mubarak, member of the Executive Board and head of the Department of Finance in Abu Dhabi, the award «Person of the Year» in the UAE in the profession initiative, given to a leader in the development of a legislative model, the new CEO of government scrutiny, and efforts in contributions the advancement of the financial sector accounting and auditing, through training and the development of research and knowledge sharing as well as conferences and workshops, educational work, which had a significant role in the rehabilitation of Emirati cadres best knowledge and experience.

He won the award «Person of the Year» also Stuart Dunlop Regional Director of the Institute of ACCA (ACCA), the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia region, won the Leadership Award in the category «attract and recruit Emirati human resources in the field of the profession», both «PWC» PwC Middle East, Jumeirah Group, the United Arab Emirates exchange; the award for leadership in the «recruit Emiratis in senior management positions associated with the profession» went to Emirates NBD; while awarded the pioneer Award in «employ Emirati women functions associated with the profession» for each of the group We arrived for the management of assets and sources of funding; while I went leadership in the «rehabilitation and training of Emirati human resources in the field of the profession» to each of the «PWC» Middle East, Emirates integrated Telecommunications company Award (dU).

He Brwmut Mangat, CEO of the UAE Exchange: «We are very proud of this award», said the representative of the Jumeirah Group: «The Jumeirah hotel sign a prominent role in strengthening the position of the UAE on the map, hospitality and management of international hotel».

His Excellency Sultan Al Mansouri and conducted a number of direct and interactive meetings with the audience of graduates and representatives of companies, which congratulated the campaign of international qualifications for this academic achievement is important, it stressed the importance of raising national competencies operating the accounting profession and financial audit, pointing out that citizenship alone is not enough to achieve progress Please in the profession, but it is necessary to work hard and to acquire the best knowledge and experience of global and qualifications to achieve the desired development in this critical sector.


Hesham Abdulla Al Qassim, CEO of the group said arrived: «are delighted to honor and recognize our part in the national resettlement strategy service, and support the vision of the wise leadership of empowerment of UAE women in various important sectors, leading to a strong cohesive for the participation of all segments of society in the strengthening and development of the economy». Said Hani al-Ashqar, an official in the «PWC» Middle East competent partner to provide audit, tax and consulting: «We are delighted to be estimated PWC efforts that aim to invest in the UAE citizens in professional services».