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In cooperation with the Association of Accountants and Auditors «DED» organizes a workshop to raise awareness of risk management-

Published at 19/12/2016
Dubai: «Gulf»

Internal control systems sector in the Department of Economic Development Workshop identifiable specialist on institutional risk management, in collaboration with accountants and auditors UAE accounts Association. The holding of this workshop within the sector targets aimed at raising awareness about the risks to the functional cadres, and proper application of the methodology of risk management, and thus achieve the strategic objectives of the Department of Economic Development, by contributing to raising the level of professionalism and quality in work performance.

All targeted internal control sector staff workshop, in addition to the senior leadership and the leaders of risks and directors of departments and heads of departments in the economic development and the department of institutions. The agenda included a workshop presented by accountants and auditors of the UAE Society of accounts for institutional risk management according to international standards ISO 31000, and how to create a risk register and risk reduction plans and other related topics. 
According to Mohamed Helal Almrohdi, Executive Director of internal control, that this workshop embodies the vision of the Economic Development Department to work on the application of the best international standards for risk monitoring and analysis, process and guarantees that contribute to non-repeatable, and invested in accordance with the standards and requirements of sustainable development. For its part, Mira civil stressed, director of administrative control and risk management, the workshop included the most prominent issues related to the risks and how to be redressed, as well as to respond to inquiries and observations s staff during the workshop. The workshop concluded with the role of risk management in the effective planning to cope with the high degree of risk in accordance with specific and effective strategy.