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Accountants Association Elects New Board of Directors

Published at 15/05/2016

Sharjah, May 14 / WAM / held Accountants and Auditors Association nineteenth general assembly meeting in the presence of members of the Board of Directors and a representative of the Ministry of Community Development as well as members of the Assembly and representatives from the national points of local and international companies and organizations.

During the meeting, elect a new board of the new session where he was re-elected each of Saif Bin Abed Al Muhairi, Chairman of the Board and Ahmed Darwish, vice president and Salem Isa'ee secretary general, Abdullah Ali Al-Barakat Amiri as finance director and all of Naim al-Khatib and Osman Omar Al Ismail Hassan and Ahmed Ali Hosni members of the Council of administration .. with the introduction of new elements to the Council are Hisham Mohammed Taher and Ahmed Hamad Jassim Abdouly and Ali Mohammed Rashid Asalhadi and Abdullah Ali Mubarak Bosamarh.

And it was approved at the board's report on its work in the year ended December 31, 2015 and the programs of activity and work plan for the year 2016 and Ahmed Darwish, Secretary General of the Association gave a detailed presentation of the reports on the activities of the Assembly briefly, and what has been achieved during the eighth session of the Council.

And accept Saif Bin Abed Al Muhairi, Chairman of the Board highlighted the work of the Assembly during 2015, the most important strategic partnerships undertaken by the Assembly during the previous period, including the signing of memorandums of understanding with several parties, including government agencies and quasi-governmental bodies, and also professional.

Presentation and eating aspects of services provided base, especially in the areas of training for members of the development through the activation and training activities, seminars and initiatives and provide privileges and special discounts financial circles and federal and local through drawers privileges institutional membership programs to help build the capabilities and professional resources Alepeshrbh of millions of accountants and auditors.

And on the domestic front it was created advisory board made up of important and prominent figures in the financial field and accounting in addition to hiring an executive cadre qualified and capable of achieving the vision and objectives of the association.

And the presentation included a brief explanation of the strategic relationship with ACCA accountant about the legal Emirati Certified / UAECA /.