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Published at 11/11/2015
Sharjah - «Gulf»:

Accountants and auditors UAE accounts Association participated in the Leadership Conference of the public sector in the Middle East and North Africa, the 15th edition in Abu Dhabi, which is held by the Abu Dhabi Accountability annually in collaboration with the International Federation of Accountants IFAC, the World Bank Group, and discussed the importance of government reports to improve services and support economic growth, while the participation of Assembly within its contribution to the development of performance and the ability of governments to deliver public services effectively and efficiently high quality, meaningful access to the latest knowledge and applications in accounting, auditing, financial management, helping to complete the project joining the international Federation of Accountants IFAC. 
Conference Saif Bin Abed Al Muhairi, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Salem Isa'ee Board Member and Chairman of the Abu Dhabi office attended. 
He pointed Muhairi in his dialogue with Vaizul Chaudhry, Executive Director of the International Federation of Accountants IFAC to the prominent role played by the Congress to strengthen the sustainable development efforts, and to strengthen the preparation of general financial reports, which would strengthen the decision-making process, and attract more investment, and enhance public services and sustainability, stressing Assembly's role in the activation of their contribution to raising the efficiency of the profession. 
Chaudhry stressed the importance of the conference, which is due to the private sector the requirements of the financial statements prepared and audited in accordance with international standards strict, that does not apply to most public sector organizations, which must be changed as soon as possible, especially that good government reports help the competent authorities to take the right decisions, making it an important and decisive step to strengthen the trust between citizens and the institutions that provide public services. 
And it resulted in the end of the debate on the need for a sustained dialogue with all bodies and institutions, public and private for the dissemination of the accounting system in place international

- See more at: https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&prev=search&rurl=translate.google.ae&sl=ar&sp=nmt4&u=http://www.alkhaleej.ae/alkhaleej/page/d7e80d0e-b4a4-455f-a17b-8843eb8346d6&usg=ALkJrhg0bXNG1c1oK57gxEbZ_p4Rukcdbg#sthash.O5qAn5F9.dpuf