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Ahmed Darwish, the first recipient of the UAE - based chartered accountant certificate UAECA

Published at 18/04/2015
It is the British accountants accredited association of the leading Association Partners accountants and auditors UAE accounts, which connects the two associations cooperation for a long time and a memorandum of understanding and an effective partnership was the most important productions chartered accountant Emirati Certified UAECA offered by the Association of Accountants and Auditors UAE accounts and equivalent and recognized by the Chartered Accountants of British accredited association ACCA, which celebrated in Dubai membership of more than 300 Member of qualified chartered accountants in the Middle East and was in the graduation was held for students from the United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman ceremony, bringing the number of members in the Middle East for more than 2,500 members as the number of students for more than 9,000 students in the special stages of the qualification sober accountants legal dependent.


The existence of such a qualification plays an important role in the vision of Dubai in 2021 and Abu Dhabi Vision 2030, as the state overall economy is characterized by fast development and progress, and where the state has a group of leading financial services centers that are in need for specialists in this sector so that they are able to keep abreast of developments and the advancement of the state to promote its goals high
As it was in this ceremony to honor the first person holds a Certified Public Accountant certified Emirati legal certificate released by Association of Accountants and Auditors UAE Al_husaat, Mr. Ahmed Darwish.
Chartered Accountant UAE Certified UAECA were the product of cooperation between the two associations in order to increase the number of recipients of citizens on the global qualification to be financial managers and the astronauts were able to carry the national economy and support for the advancement of the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Arshad Al Maktoum to reach first place in various fields, and support initiative Association of Accountants and auditors UAE accounts for the rehabilitation of 100 chartered accountant recently launched by Emirati and to coincide with the celebration of the country's National Day and the third session.
Mr. Ahmed Darwish, Secretary-General also explained and Chief Executive Officer of the Dubai office Association of the UAE Accountants, in this ceremony: "Through this partnership between the Association of Accountants and Auditors UAE and ACCA accounts, we are working on the formation of qualified national world-class that would enhance the skills and enhance competencies for all aspiring and working in the accounting field, financial, auditing in the United Arab Emirates, and be the first recipients of qualifying, I was confident of achieving attempts this qualification, and I am confident that he will support the vision Mahdh Arab Emirates to be the leading financial center in the region and supportive no matter what government initiatives and the skills and competencies of citizens. "