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Course Title: Cash Flow Management
General Objective:

The general objective of the course on Cash Flow Management is to equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to effectively manage and optimize cash flows within organizations, enabling them to make informed financial decisions and ensure the financial health and sustainability of the business.


·         Define and comprehend the concept of cash flow.

·         Differentiate between cash flow and profit.

·         Identify the importance of cash flow management in financial decision-making.

·         Interpret and analyze cash flow statements.

·         Recognize the components of cash flow statements, including operating, investing, and financing activities.

·         Evaluate the implications of positive and negative cash flows.

·         Develop effective cash flow reporting mechanisms.

·         Communicate cash flow information to internal and external stakeholders, including investors, management, and creditors.

·         Comply with accounting standards and regulations related to cash flow reporting.

Course Outlines:
1: Introduction to Cash Flow Management

·         Definition and importance of cash flow management

·         Distinction between cash flow and profit

·         Cash flow management and organizational sustainability

2: Cash Flow Statements Analysis

·         Components of cash flow statements

·         Analyzing cash flow from operating, investing, and financing activities

·         Interpreting positive and negative cash flows

3: Cash Flow Reporting and Communication

·         Effective cash flow reporting mechanisms

·         Stakeholder communication and compliance with reporting standards

·         Regulatory aspects of cash flow reporting


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