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  • I will excise professionalism in my work and will maintain the professional ethics defined by the Emirates Association of Accountants and Auditors.
  • I agree and comply with the regulations of the Emirates Accountants and Auditors Association and the code of conduct of the association for members.
  • I will be responsible for disciplinary action if I violate any of the Code of Conduct of the Membership of the Emirates Association of Accountants and Auditors.
  • I am not having any criminal convictions or currently under investigation for any crime or professional Misconduct.
  • I confirm and acknowledge that the above information is true and correct.
  • I agree with the terms and conditions and service policy of Emirates Accountants and Auditors Association.
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The association aims to gain practical experience through cadres capable of promoting students and graduates to a high and advanced level and processions to the best international centers

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