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Introduction to Financial Planning, Forecasting and Budgeting


Target Audience: Experienced Auditors and Accountants (3-10 years)


Overall Objective:


Equip auditors and accountants with the fundamental knowledge and skills to understand and perform basic financial planning, forecasting and budgeting.


Program Objectives:


     Define and Enhance understanding of key financial planning & forecasting (FP&F) concepts.


     Explain the importance of financial planning for businesses: budgeting, profitability analysis and decision making.


     Identify the steps involved in creating a financial plan: setting goals, forecasting future performance and evaluate results.


     Understanding the purpose of financial forecasting: predicting future financial performance and identifying potential risks and opportunities.


     Describe different forecasting methods: sales forecasting, expense forecasting and capital expenditure forecasting.


     Learn how to communicate and present Financial Forecasting and Budgeting to stakeholders.


     The importance of tracking the company’s progress and making the adjustments needed in the right time.


     The importance of having a reliable financial planning and budgeting system that reflects the impact of the rapid changes and crises in the international market on the financial position of the company.


Program Outline:


     Introduction to Financial Planning Concepts


     What is financial planning? Explaining key concepts of financial planning

o Role of Financial Planning in corporate decision-making. Explain the importance of financial planning for businesses.


     Explaining steps of Financial Planning


o Identify the steps involved in creating a financial plan.

     Introduction to Financial Forecasting Concepts


o   Understanding key concepts of financial forecasting.

o   What is the role of financial forecasting in enhancing the financial performance.


     Forecasting Methods

     Explain the different forecasting methods.




     Access to online resources presented during the session.




This course is an introductory course that will highlight the fundamental concepts of the financial planning, forecasting and budgeting.


Advanced concepts including financial Modelling, forecasting quantitative and qualitative techniques and sensitivity won't be tackled in this course.


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