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Course Title: Blockchain Technology and the Future of Business and Accounting


I. Introduction to Blockchain

   A. Unit 1: Exploring the Past to Understand the Future

      1. Central Systems

      2. Decentralized Systems

      3. History of Blockchain Technology


   B. Unit 2: What is Blockchain?

      1. The Big Picture

      2. Sequence of Blocks


   C. Unit 3: Introduction to Cryptography

      1. The Hashing Process

      2. Encryption


   D. Module 4: Public and Permissioned Blockchain

      1. Public Blockchain

      2. Private Blockchain


   E. Module 5: Smart Contracts: Facilitating a Decentralized Future

      1. What are Smart Contracts?

      2. How do Smart Contracts Work?

      3. The Role of Smart Contracts in the Future


   F. Unit 6: Converting Non-Digital to Digital

      1. Our Digital World

      2. Digital Assets


II. Blockchain Applications in Business and Accounting

   A. Unit 7: How Accounting Can Benefit from the Use of Blockchain Technology


   B. Unit 8: Cases of the Use of Blockchain Technology by Organizations


   C. Unit 9: Government Initiatives to Adopt Blockchain


III. Challenges and Risks

   A. Module 10: Risks Related to Blockchain Technology


IV. Success and Failure Factors

   A. Unit 11: Factors Contributing to the Success or Failure of Blockchain Projects


V. Final Project

   A. Analysis of Opportunities for Using Blockchain Technology


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