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Feasibility Studies


In the rapidly evolving landscape of business and project management, the ability to assess the viability of new ideas and initiatives is crucial. A Feasibility Study Course is designed to equip students with the essential tools and methodologies to evaluate the practicality and potential success of projects before significant resources are committed. This course integrates key concepts from finance, market research, operational analysis, and strategic planning, providing a comprehensive framework for determining the likelihood of project success.

Importance of Feasibility Studies

Participants will learn to systematically investigate the technical, economic, legal, and scheduling aspects of proposed projects. Through a blend of theoretical instruction and practical application, students will gain expertise in conducting rigorous feasibility analyses, identifying potential obstacles, and developing actionable recommendations. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a project manager, or a business consultant, mastering the art of feasibility studies will enhance your decision-making capabilities and increase your project's chances of success. This course is designed not only to build competence in feasibility analysis but also to foster critical thinking and strategic planning skills essential in today’s competitive environment.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

1.      Understand the importance of a feasibility study.

2.      Identify different types of feasibility studies.

3.      Conduct a feasibility study through structured steps.

4.      Analyze the results to make informed decisions.


Course Contents:

1.      What is a Feasibility Study?

Definition and purpose

Key components

2.      Importance of Feasibility Studies

3.      Types of Feasibility Studies:

a)     Technical feasibility

b)     Economic feasibility

c)      Legal feasibility

d)     Operational feasibility

4.      Preliminary Analysis

a)     Market research

b)     Preliminary financial assessment

c)      SWOT analysis

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