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Learning Objectives:

The key objective of the training is to prepare the participants for the corporate tax in UAE where they will be able to help their organizations in better planning for corporate tax. It will also help the participants to understand the application of corporate tax on the Free-zone entities which will enable them to plan in advance to minimize the impact of corporate tax on their mainland income. 

Learning outcomes:

·         Corporate Tax

·         Corporate Tax Regime in UAE

·         Key principles of UAE Corporate Tax

·         Taxable Person

·         Tax application on Natural Person

·         Tax Exemptions

·         Permanent Establishment

·         Tax Groups

·         Corporate Tax for Free Zones

·         Corporate Tax and Transfer Pricing

·         Deductible Expenses

·         Interest Expenses

·         Calculation of taxable Income

·         International Taxation Relief

·         Tax Administration - Filing returns

·         Tax Administration – Assessments

·         Procedures for Tax Clarifications

Key Take Aways:

After completing this training, the participant will have a clear understanding of:

·         Corporate Tax in UAE,

·         Impact of UAE Corporate tax on Free Zone Companies

·         Calculation of tax liabilities related to the corporate tax for the mainland and free-zones entities


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