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Financial Sustainability in the Arab region challenges and opportunities

I-                    Sustainable Finance Course

Provides in depth understanding of Sustainability, Sustainable Finance & Green Finance, Sustainability linked loans, Green Bonds, Social impact investing and Green Taxonomy.


Key Topics Covered.


Ø  What is Sustainability

Ø  What is the Paris Agreement & the UN SDGs

Ø  What is ESG

Ø  What is Sustainable Finance

Ø  Sustainable Finance vs Green Finance

Ø  Carbon Credit & Carbon Taxes

Ø  Green Taxonomy.

Ø  ESG rating

Ø  Corporate Sustainability & Financial Performance.



Learning Objectives

Ø  Acquire knowledge of the relation between ESG and sustainable Finance.

Ø  Develop an understanding of the role corporates can play in the transition to more sustainable economies, and knowledge of the market drivers.

Ø  Acquire the skills needed able to hold a detailed discussion about the possible contributions of sustainable finance products to a sustainable economy.

Ø  Acquire an overview of climate change and the main ways it impacts individuals, corporates, and their finances.


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