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Feasibility Study

This training aims to ensure that the participants have a deep knowledge of various components of the feasibility study including the economic, environmental, technical and marketability aspects of proposed business ideas. At the completion of this training, the participants will be able to analyze and prepare the feasibility studies and suggest action plans to make knowledgeable business decisions.


Training Outlines

1.      Customer Needs Assessment

2.      Competitive Analysis

o   Industry Competitors

o   Substitutes analysis

o   Price Vs Benefit analysis

o   Competitor strategic analysis

o   Specific regulatory requirements

o   Infrastructure and Operational requirements

o   Technological analysis

3.      Market Analysis

o   Supply analysis

o   Demand analysis

o   Market supply gap analysis

o   Pricing Analysis

4.      Technical Analysis

o   Technologies evaluation

o   Alternative technologies investigations

o   Facilities production capacities analysis

o   Production minimum economic size

o   Major cost items

5.      Operational Analysis

o   Legal requirements.

o   Organizational structure and management of the project

o   Stakeholders’ analysis

o   Resource Analysis

6.      Environmental Analysis

o   Temperature relevant to the intended project

o   Land surface

o   Underground resources

o   Storage system and safety

7.      Financial Analysis

o   Commercial profitability Analysis

o   Projected financial information.

o   Profit and loss statement

o   Balance sheet

o   Cash flow projections

o   Capital expenditure forecasts.

o   Sensitivity analysis

o   Profitability measurement

o   Benefit-cost analysis


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