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Training course on FInancial Risk Management

First - the objectives of the training course

To provide participants with information and knowledge

● An overview of the concept of risk.

● Types of risks in general and financial risks in particular.

● Explain the basics of financial risk management in institutions

● How to identify the risk indicators.

● Understand the relationship between risk and return.

● Learn about the financial risk management strategies

Second: The outline of the course

DAY 1:

        The definitions of risks and their types

        Learn about the types of financial risks and the concept of each of them

▪ Market risk

▪ Price risk

▪ Credit risk

▪ Investment risks

▪ Liquidity risk

▪ Operational risks

        Fundamentals of risk management

        Mechanisms for identifying

        Mechanisms for analysing & evaluating the risks


DAY 2:

        Reasons for the occurrence of the financial problem

        Financial planning and its role in dealing with financial risks

        Financial risk management Strategies.


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