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Working Membership:

A working member who has been a member for three months or more has the right to run for membership in the association’s board of directors.

Affiliate Membership:

He is not entitled to run for membership in the association's board of directors. He has the right to be informed of all changes and developments in the accounting and auditing profession at the local and international levels through the association, and he will be part of an important network of accountants and auditors working in the profession through which experiences and professional relations are exchanged.

Student Membership:

It allows students of accounting faculties in universities to join the association and see all the changes and developments in the accounting and auditing profession.

Membership Benefits:-

  • Attending seminars dealing with various topics on accounting and auditing.
  • Attending workshops, discussion sessions and case studies in the accounting and auditing profession.
  • An opportunity to build professional relationships with the rest of the association's members who have experience and skills in the accounting and auditing profession.
  • Obtaining the latest updates on accounting and auditing materials, which develops personal skills.
  • Get a 20% discount when registering for short-term and long-term training courses.
To obtain membership in the association, please provide the following attachments:-
  • Fill out the membership registration form (you can download it from the website page).
  • Certificates of accredited educational qualifications in accounting or finance (Bachelor / Postgraduate / Master's).
  • Transcripts/marks for all educational qualifications passed showing the grades obtained next to each subject.
  • A copy of the passport page and residence visa (for non-nationals).
  • A copy of the passport page and family book (for citizens).
  • A copy of the Emirates ID from both sides.
  • A personal photo (passport size).
  • Membership fee of AED 315 (payable only upon approval of your application).
    Other optional documents that can be submitted are:
  • Professional qualification certificate (CPA, ACCA, CMA, CIA, etc.).
  • Experience certificate (in the field of accounting, finance and/or auditing).
We are honored to have you register with us


It is a membership certificate (working / affiliated), and its holder is granted a certificate and an individual membership card. It is considered an honorary membership for the registered member and gives him the following advantages:

  • Get a 20% discount on training courses that are conducted by professional trainers.
  • Obtaining a certificate of attendance for training courses or seminars, including continuing professional training hours, at reduced fees for registered members.
  • The possibility of registering as an arithmetic expert in the courts.
  • An opportunity to get to know other members of the association and build professional relationships.
  • Get constant updates regarding seminars and workshops.
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The association aims to gain practical experience through cadres capable of promoting students and graduates to a high and advanced level and processions to the best international centers

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